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Warranties - Refund/Return Policy

YBass World makes no warranties, whether expressed or implied, on any merchandise purchased via Any merchandise purchased from YBass World shall carry only the warranty issued by the original manufacturer.

Returns / Refunds will be subject to a restocking fee equal to 20% of the original purchase cost of the merchandise in question; to include all applicable state sales taxes and related shipping charges combined that were originally assessed against the products during the original point of sale.

Order Cancellation

If you wish to cancel an order you must inform us in writing within 24 hours of the time and date of the initial purchase transaction by sending an email to with a subject heading of “Order Cancellation”. Please include your Order ID number in this email. If we receive your order cancellation instruction before we have placed your order in "processing" status, you shall be entitled to a full refund of the total order price minus the transaction fee we have incurred when we processed your payment. This transaction fee is typically around 3% of the total order price, though this figure is subject to change without notice and we cannot guarantee what this figure will be prior to receiving any individual order. The refund payment will be made in accordance with the Refunds section below. If we receive your order cancellation before we have placed your order in "processing" status, then you may no longer cancel your order. However, you are entitled to return the goods to us in accordance with the Returns section above.